Green Initiatives


In addition to our commitment to raising the bar on animal welfare with no cages, we are on a journey towards a net zero carbon footprint. The following highlights the green energy initiatives that we have taken to produce a “green egg”.

Heat Exchangers – In our barns we heat exchangers and during the cold winter months they blow out warm barn air over coils that heat incoming cold air. This technology reduces our heating costs by at least 40% and filters the air for better air quality.


Solar Panels – Through a net metering program with hydro one we have offset most of our electrical usage through solar panels on the barn roof. In addition to providing green energy to off set our usage it also acts as an insulator for the barn in the winter months.







Manure Composting – Manure from the birds is always a challenge to dispose of for farms. On our farms we have installed new biodigesters that compost the high nitrogen manure into a usable compost that can be put on gardens. Chicken manure compost is the richest in nutrients and our organic compost product will be sold in local garden centres in the coming months.