What is the difference between white and brown eggs?

The white eggs come from the white leg horn breed hens and the brown eggs come from the Rhode Island red breed hens. There is no difference in the taste or nutritional value of the eggs but only in the pigmentation of the shell. Both brown and white eggs are measured against our highest standards of quality and freshness.

How fresh are your eggs?

Our eggs are collected every morning on the day that they are laid and are also cleaned, graded and refrigerated to maintain same day freshness. They are generally delivered to the customer within 1 to 3 days after they are laid. Often we can get our eggs to our customers the day after they are laid, ensuring that our product is the freshest egg possible.

What do you feed your birds?

A vegetarian all-grain diet that is free of animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. This balanced diet gives the eggs a rich taste and a very healthy yoke. We work with animal nutritionists to give the birds a balanced and nutritious diet that is optimal for their health.

Are your birds free from added hormones and antibiotics?

Yes our birds are not given and added hormones and antibiotics. However, this is the standard practice in Canada and most Canadian eggs on the market are hormone and antibiotic free.

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